Product warranty

Product warranty

The Company to the user to ensure good product performance and mechanical integrity, and in accordance with the provisions of the free warranty service.

The warranty card is available in two sections. The user must complete it in BLOCK LETTERS and return it to the Company within 30 days after purchase. Warranty service must present this warranty card and purchase invoice as proof document. Warranty terms are as follows:

(1), one year from the date of purchase of the warranty period (the following items listed in the product or part of the parts), the machine if damaged or failure, the company's technical staff confirmed that due to misuse caused by , Will provide free maintenance and replacement parts.

(B), some products or parts, the warranty period is as follows:

The following parts are consumables or wearing parts, only three months warranty period:
- microphone voice coil and diaphragm
- Voice coil and diaphragm of speaker unit
- light bulbs, reflective lenses and related glass accessories

(3) In the following circumstances, the Company will not give any maintenance and support to the product:

1, not the company's products

2, false (water) goods.

3, no body number, number was altered, damaged, converted and number not shown in the company's sales records of the product.

(D) the following circumstances, the warranty card will automatically fail:

1, the product has been mistaken for operation, neglect, such as overload or feedback and burned.

2, the product was accidental handling and broke.

3, due to poor environmental factors caused by failure, such as too high input voltage, moisture and so on.

4, due to natural disasters and other accidents caused by damage.

5, the product has been modified by the company's technical staff or modified.

6, the product is not provided by the original installation instructions.

(5), the company warranty and maintenance services are limited to the maintenance center in the company, for the warranty or maintenance requirements, all travel (including fares, train tickets, air tickets, accommodation, meals, etc.) by the user Pay.

(6) The Company will not be liable for any loss incurred directly or indirectly as a result of damage to the equipment.

(7), more than the warranty period of the product, the Company will charge a reasonable fee to provide maintenance services.

(8), the warranty service is only valid in China.

(9) The Company reserves the right to modify the terms without prior notice to the Client.

Important statement

The warranty card card number, in the goods before shipment, the company will use the computer record warranty card number stripes and fuselage number, the user fill in the warranty card body number, must be accurately reported. If the information on the warranty card does not match the computer records of the company, the company has the right to refuse to provide maintenance services.

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