The carcass of the main unit of this series is made of a patented method specially made to enhance the high-rigidity of the material caused by the lack of damping caused by the sound of thin, uneven acoustic carbon fiber full-frequency unit.
MCPS ™ precision directivity, can reduce the surrounding environment caused by the impact of the reverberation time is too long, the reflection of chaos and other issues, suitable for the need for professional and accurate sound of the use of space.

This series of use, pneumatic treble, treble full of clarity and strength, regardless of hot roll or classical in the folding of the sounding body can meet the needs of the use.
The bass uses a new type of biotech and wood fiber blended carcass. Symmetrical magnetic circuit design, and in the pole with anti-electric force on the suppression of copper short-circuit ring. The sound expansion limit to more relaxed frequency to expand. Two large holes in the treble on both sides to provide a steady stream of low-frequency output.
Low-frequency unit with acoustic equipment designed in the unit outside the short horn to enhance the sound field space overtone of the reverberation part of the heavyweight frequency divider material using the fever level components from the hand scaffolding with custom silver pure tin, Machine wire with 5n single crystal copper wire, and strive to a high degree of reduction, suitable for most monitoring, music programming, restore the theater production space applications.

Ci-inwall sound series, with m series of the same components, but relative to the use of the wall factors, the use of ultra-thin box design, high rigidity cavity structure, closed mid-chamber block low frequency resonance caused by sound, simple Lightly installed, by the speaker on both sides of the fixed installation device easy to complete the installation.
Ci-in wall into the wall mini series is mainly used in the need for covert use, space aesthetics demanding space for sound reinforcement, or the need for language clarity of the place, by a number of fiberglass full-frequency unit and wood cavity composed of sound components. Excellent frequency response to the full range of music playback. Play range from 120hz to 23khz.

Subwoofer large dynamic subwoofer, the use of new heavy biological fiber, and wood fiber blending body, showing a huge space surrounded by a sense of bass dynamic, with the whole frequency to make a good audio and video fusion.
Rear and side of the waveguide inverted design, magnificent, low frequency rolling from all directions, and truly non-directional sense of the low-frequency experience. Each speaker is powered by a powerful 350-class power amplifier. Expansion machine power supply using ring transformers, high purity copper, high magnetic coil, solid box structure.
Professional simulation system design long stroke unit is an important element to ensure product quality.

ZTM issued by the new power amplifier, continue to uphold SOLTON years of tradition. Designed for lighter weight, the reliable quality and beautiful voice to all professional users.
1. Aluminum chassis makes lighter weight
2. Crossover circuit card selection, frequency divider for octave 24dB Linkwitz Riley design
3. With perfect DC, short circuit, overheat protection circuit, when the system disappears after the failure to automatically recover
4. Unique current drive power output stage design, so that sound performance is more transparent and delicate









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