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power amplifier








Aluminum alloy case makes lighter weight
There are frequency divider circuit, card insertion, frequency division filter for octave 24dB, Linkwitz, Riley design
With perfect DC, short circuit, overheat protection circuit, when the fault disappears, the system will be restored automatically
Unique current drive, power output stage design, so that the performance of sound quality is more transparent and delicate

01.8Ω stereo power 4 *500W
02.4Ω stereo power 4 *750W
03.2Ω stereo power CN
04.8Ω bridge power 2*1500W
05.4Ω bridge power CN
06.Voltage gain 36dB
07.Output stage circuit type H class
08.Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
09.Total harmonic distortion <0.05%
10.Conversion rate ≥25V/μs
11.Damping coefficient ≥250
12.Dynamic Range ≥95dB
13.Signal to noise ratio ≥105 dB (A-weighted typical)
14.Sensitivity 1v
15.input resistance Balance 20KΩ / unbalanced 10KΩ
16.Protective function

Pressure limit, overheating, short circuit,

 DC, switch machine zero impact

17.Power supply voltage / frequency 220V ~ + -10%/50Hz
18.Net weight / gross weight 12Kg,14Kg
19.Machine size (width * deep * high) 483* 354*89MM 
20.Packing size (width * deep * high) 540* 480*165MM


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